UK broadband speeds – embedding Tableau dashboards into Rmd files

I found a new dataset about UK broadband speeds and I started analysing it in R. However, after cleaning the data, I thought that creating a dashboard with Shiny would take me too much time so I moved to Tableau. I wanted to keep my analyses in one place so I embedded the dashboard into the output html document (see below).

Initially I thought that RMarkdown can’t generate embedded Tableau visualizations because the iframe in my report seemed blank after knitting the report. I had to open the generated in the browser to see the iframe filled with Tableau dashboard.

RMarkdown file is available here.

  • Jo

    Hi Eryk, I have embedded some tableau dashboards in rmarkdown. I’m putting different dashboards into tabs, I find that the db on the front page looks fine but as you move through the tabs the dbs are squashed. Do you have any experience of this problem? Thanks

    • ejwalczak

      Hi Jo. My guess is that your tabs/dashboards have different sizes. Try to use the same format for all of them. I hope this helps.